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How to Oil Furniture

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How to Oil Furniture

hemp oil

Hemp oil is well known for its healing abilities on humans. However, it can also provide its healing abilities to modern furniture and wood. Hemp oil is one of the best options when it comes to sealing home furniture. The oil itself dries fast so it’s perfect for everything from wooden house furnishings to industrial tables. The finish it provides is usually matte, with a hint of satin. If you want to give your home furniture a new lease of life, then using hemp oil for finishing is highly recommended.

Here are the steps to seal your home furniture with hemp oil:

Gather Your Materials

hemp oil

Preparation is the key and you need to take the time to gather your materials if you want your home furniture to really look its best once you have sealed it. Obviously, you will need the furniture hemp oil, but you will also need sanding machine or sand paper, your furniture, old dusting rags, a brush, a clean rag, and of course, clean clothes for you.

Prepare the Furniture’s Surface

Before applying the hemp oil to the surface of the furniture, it is recommended that you make sure that it is fully prepared. If sanding is required, then sand it down until you are satisfied. Next, blow away any surface dirt and dust. Be sure to give it a very light dusting.

The surface of your home furniture should be completely free of dust and it should look clean. If you are applying the oil over paint, then make sure that it is completely dry before proceeding.

Apply the Oil

Now that you have prepared the surface of your furniture, it’s time to apply the hemp oil. It doesn’t matter whether you have a basic low table or a modern decorative furniture, you need to be precise and very careful when you apply the oil. So, it is recommended that you take your time and do it slowly. Apply a generous amount of hemp oil to a lint-free and clean rag and wipe down the wood. You can also use a clean paintbrush for this purpose if you want. Simply wipe a thin layer of oil over your home furniture’s surface but make sure there is no excess. Check the oil drying and determine whether another layer is required.

hemp oil

Buff After 12 Hours

Once the final amount of oil is applied to your home furniture, leave it somewhere airy and dry to cure. It is recommended that you let it dry for at least 12 hours. After that, take another lint-free and clean rag and buff away any excess oil that may be left.

Admire and Enjoy

That’s it! You have given your home furniture the hemp oil it desperately needed. Now you can sit back, relax, and admire your handywork.

Keep in mind that the hemp oil will look dark initially, but you will be surprised by how much lighter it turns as it completely dries.

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