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furniture with history

Pivot Furniture creates luxury organic children’s furniture products.We use innovative designs combined with eco-friendly manufacturing to create safe products for our customers. Pivot Furniture is always developing new lines of children’s furniture.

The great success that many of our retail dealers have enjoyed over the years is a testament to the tremendous marketability of our products, whose hallmarks are always world class design, functionality, and quality.


Our furniture is made by the famous Italian family of Epinostas. We stick to our roots!


We use imported Australian Teak and Rosewood


Every block of wood goes through 13 stages of preparation before being taken up by our carpenters.  Our highly talented team then creates the furniture of your dreams.


Latest Updates

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Made With Love and Care

Our latest edition is the COO Nursery Line, hand crafted in Walnut Hardwoods in Southern California. Our product lines are also available in custom wood selections should you desire a distinctive look for your own style. The Coo line includes 7 new additions that coordinate for a cohesive nursery design.