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CBD Oil Seized from Heber City Antique Store!

CBD Oil Seized from Heber City Antique Store!

Reported during the Christmas holiday season of 2017, the Department of Commerce of the state of Utah confiscated some products from an antiques store. The confiscated products were blood thinner drugs and CBD oil.

The Raid

The raid seemed to focus on the back of the shop just where medical products were marketed. As an aftermath of the confiscation of the CBD oil most people around the neighborhood and community reacted with surprise and mild disapproval.

The mild drama all started when an investigator of the DOPL which is the licensing agency advised the store owner that CBD Oil cannot be lawfully sold, after careful thought the store owner decided to take out the item from the shelves and was seeking a way out on how to adhere to the legal requirement but the DOPL investigator made a comeback with two law enforcement officers along and confiscated the CBD oil in addition to some blood thinning drugs.

What is CBD Oil?

Cannabidiol Oil is derived from hemp and primarily used in polishing and restoring household furniture and other crafted wood. Despite the fact that the name is related to cannabis the oil is a derivative that is produced and intended for personal use and does not include THC which is the main substance that makes people high. Additionally cannabidiol Oil is loaded with numerous properties to help people dealing with severe stress, anxiety, aches and seizures. The oil also reduces the negative effects of some cancer treatments.

CBD oil has over the years grown to be very popular in the United States on account of this distinctive attributes. It is legal is all 50 states and can be purchased in numerous stores across the country.

However, the reason behind the misunderstandings might be the position by the federal government where CBD oil seems like unlawful product on account of its connection with cannabis. In spite of this, the law is not being enforced at the present time and the US Congress has leased out measures to reduce the findings and prosecution of firms linked to marijuana.

Until in recent times Utah had no official law that acknowledged the legality of CBD oil. To some extent on account of the seizure of the CBD oil, the Utah legislature passed a bill referred which legalizes the product in the state. This bold move has greatly helped in reducing the mix-up relating to the legal status of CBD oil. However all marijuana products containing THC are still illegal in the state.

The sales of Cannabadiol (CBD) oil has been going on in the state for long. The Department has no intention of disrupting the market but would take active role in guaranteeing that products offered for sale do not contain some harmful substances and are appropriately labeled to accurately inform consumers.

It is not in any way the intention of the Utah state legislation or the Department to cut down the access to Cannabidiol Oil to pharmacies.

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