Pivot Furniture | Things to know before buying furniture
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Things to know before buying furniture


Things to know before buying furniture

Truth be told that building a house is more than just the exteriors. There are interior design and furniture to consider, and these two tasks can overwhelm even the most experienced homeowners. The reason is that most people take a gung-ho approach to furniture shopping and more often than not retailers push products that for starters your house doesn’t need and more often than not you are given a low-quality product because you did not know the intricacies of furniture purchasing. This article can be taken as a general brief to furniture shopping; we advise you to take things seriously and read up extensively before going out to buy furniture.

1. Warranty

Your retailer will usually give you a six-month warranty, but that probably won’t suffice all your needs. Make sure to go over the fine print with your manager to see if the warranty covers all forms of damage and what their return policy is like. Most people make the mistake of taking a warranty on face value and don’t go over the contract thoroughly, and the minute some kind of hiccup happens, they are left in a fix by the store that they got the product from because their warranty doesn’t cover that type of damage.

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2. Leather

If you are looking at buying an expensive sofa to match your interior design and if you have the money to throw around then ask your store manager or salesperson for top-grain leather; this leather is the best in the market and is thus the most expensive. But if you are like the rest of us and you are looking to get an affordable leather sofa then make sure to pick up on the things your salesperson says; for example, if your salesperson uses the word “leather-match” then steer clear of that furniture. Look up furniture lingo online to ensure that you don’t get tricked into buying a low-quality product because you were unaware of what the guy was saying or for that matter you felt that the sofa looked good. Understand that the quality of a product is not in its appearance but its longevity. A furniture showroom is always going to be well-lit, and the furniture will look spectacular, but the problem arises when the furniture is constantly used. Leather-match won’t give you the same amount of durability and sustained appearance for as long as proper leather would.

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