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Types of Wine Racks

wine racks

Types of Wine Racks

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Starting a wine collection requires investing in a proper display and storage solution, where you can efficiently organize, store, and showcase your finest collectibles. Wine racks are designed to facilitate proper wine bottle placement for storage, in addition to offering a management system that lets you easily identify and choose your desired drink.

Wine storage and display racks provide diversity in terms of size, style, and storage capacity. They are made out of different materials, such as acrylic, plastic, metal, wood, etc. that can fit any home décor theme.

Following are the most popular types of wine racks:

Custom Wine Racks
Custom wine racks, as the name suggests, are purpose built in order to fit the unique layout of a certain wine cellar or storage space. No matter the height and the size of a wine cellar, these racking solutions are customized to adjust to any architectural challenges and constraints of the storage room, hence creating a streamlined, smooth appearance. Because of their customized features, these types of wine racks are usually expensive.

Stackable Wine Racks
Stackable wine racks are a great storage solution for anyone who has a limited space for storing wine. They can either be stacked above each other or used as a standalone furniture. The best thing about these racks is that once your wine collection starts to expand, you can simply stack more units to facilitate storage. These types of wine racks are available in a variety of designs to suit any home décor and they can be combined to create a unique storage system.

wine racks

Commercial Wine Racks
Designed for commercial use, commercial wine racks provide an efficient solution for maximum storage capacity and ease of product recognition.

They are available in various components, that allow retailers to combine different racking solutions, hence creating a visually stunning presentation of their wine collection while fully taking advantage of the available floor space. Common examples of commercial racking include commercial round aisles, commercial retail stackers, and commercial aisles.

Modular Wine Racks
Modular wine racks are pre-designed racks that are generally made up of different racking components in different depths and widths, such as an archway and tabletop, hanging wine glass displays, a high reveal display row, X-bin storage, and an individual bottle storage. Some specific models also come with lacquer options and LED lighting, as well as back and side panels.

Some modular wine racks come pre-assembled which makes them easy to install. Modular wine racks are available in contemporary and traditional styles, as well as in different sizes that can accommodate the design preferences and storage requirements of each client. With proper wine racks and climate conditions, wines are guaranteed to improve in flavor and taste for a prolonged period of time. Wine racks not only ensure that wines have a safe compartment within which they can age undisturbed and accordingly, but they also complete the look of a wine cellar space. Apart from the ones listed above, there are many other types of wine racks available on the market.

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